fût compatible tireuse à bière Perfectdraft

Perfectdraft Keg : The full list

If you have a perfectdraft bee dispenser and you are looking for perfectdraft kegs, you are at the right place !

We wrote this article month ago when we realised that it was hard to find all the perfectdraft keg that were available on the market.

For now the rest of our website is in french but this article will redirect you to the right places to buy perfectdraft keg in the United Kingdom.

This article is a full list of all perfectdraft keg that you can find in the UK.

If you are looking for our french article than have a look at fut perfectdraft.

We updated this page on the 6th of June 2020.

If you are in a rush and have only a few minutes we can only advise you to have a look at Beer Hawk which is the most complete website when it comes to buy perfecdraft keg.

Which beers are available for the perfectdraft dispenser ?

There are more then 60 different kegs that are available for the perfectdraft dispenser. We will go into details and explain all this in details but we thought it could be useful for you to have our TOP 8 favourite perfectdraft kegs.

Beer NameBeer TypeBreweryBuy it online
Cali PalePale AleTiny RebelBeerhawk
LisaPale AleBirra del BorgoBeer Hawk
Clwb TropicanaAmerican Pale AleTiny RebelBeerhawk
Tripel KarmelietTriple belgeBrasserie BosteelsBeerhawk
Franziskaner WeissbierWeizenbierFranziskanerBeerhawk
Ginette LagerLagerGinetteBeerhawk

Also the famous belgian beer Leffe is available in perfectdraft keg. Have a look at Saveur bière if you are looking for leffe perfectdraft !

New ! Leffe Zomerbier

Perfectdraft keg Leffe Zomberbier
Image Saveur bière

The belgian beer Leffe Zomerbier is a new beer available in perfectdraft keg.

This beer completes the perfecdraft range with unique taste of flowers and lemon.

Leffe Zomerbier is a delicious beer with 5,2° alcool.

Price : 32,50£ deposit included ! (Saveur bière and Beerhawk)

New! Leffe Légère

Fût Leffe Perfectdraft

The word Légère means light in english. Leffe Légère is a belgian beer with a smooth cereal taste.

The perfectdraft keg Leffe légère is a light beer with nice cereal taste. The price is quite low for a perfectdraft keg.

The alcohol rate is 5% for the Leffe légère 6 liter keg.

Le prix : 32,50£ avec consigne incluse !

La bière Ginette (bière bio en fût Perfectdraft)

Bière Ginette fût perfectdraft
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

One of our favourite perfectdraft keg : Ginette bio ! The ginette beer is an organic lager brewed buy the brewery Ginette.

Ginette is a young brewery that was created in 2009 and have had a great success in Belgium. They recently opened a bar in Brussels.

If you like Lager beer you should definitely have a look at this 4,5% alcohol beer.

Beer style : Lager

Price : 32,90£

Leffe blonde

Fut tireuse à bière Perfectdraft The Sub
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

The beer : The Leffe Blonde is probably one of the most famous belgian beer. If you have never taste it you should have a try.

It is a quite strong beer with 6,6° degrees alcool.

The Leffe brewery is one og the oldest brewery in the world as it was created in 1240 by belgian monk. Although the brewery doesn’t belong to monks anymore as it was bought in 1956 and belongs to Ab InBev today.

The Leffe blond perfectdraft keg is a tasty beer with strong malty flavour.

The best price we have found online to buy this beer in the UK is on Beerhawk.

Beer style : Belgian Pale Ale

ABV : 6,6%

Tiny Rebel Cali Pale

Fut perfectdraft cali pale

The beer : The cali pale ale is one of our favourite perfectdraft keg. The beer is brewed by Tiny Rebel a welsh brewery.

This is a very hoppy beer with strong juicy taste. You will probably recognize the exotic flavours of the beer as well as the citrussy taste.

If you like hoppy beer and IPAs this is a keg worth going for.

Tiny Rebel is a welsh brewery located nearby Cardiff. We also love their design as they are always very fancy !

Beer style : Pale Ale

ABV : 5%

Ratebeer grade : 89/100

Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana

Fût compatible Perfectdraft Clwb Tropicana

We continue our discovery of perfectdraft kegs made by the welsh brewery Tiny Rebel.

Clwb Tropicana is a very hoppy beer and the fans of american hops will like it.

Again we have here one of our favourite perfectdraft beer. The smell is very exotic and reminds tropical fruit and ananas.

The taste is citrussy and bitterness is quite present.

Beer style : American Pale Ale

ABV : 5,5%

Ratebeer : 94/100

The price : 38,90£

Triple Karmeliet perfectdraft keg

Fut compatible perfectdraft triple Karmeliet
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

Tripel Karmeliet is one of the most famous belgian beer. Some years ago the beer won the beer of the year award which proves his popularity !

This beer is a triple fermented beer and quite typical belgian beer. Three cereals are used to brew this beer (wheat, barley and oat).

The cereal smell is very present and great to smell. The brewery behind Tripel Karmeliet is the family brewery Boostels which also brews the famous Kwak beer.

If you want to discover the Boostels brewery further we invite you to watch the following video :

Beer style : Belgian Triple

ABV : 8%


Fut The Kwak 6 litres
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

Just after presenting the famous Tripel Karmeliet let’s stay with the family Bosteels and present the Kwak.

Historically kwak is known for being the coachman beer and for their famous glass.

The Kwak is available in the perfectdraft range and presents a variety of taste that is very interesting. First the smell is quite malty combined with caramel and spicy flavours.

The taste is also very appealing with caramel and warm bread taste. A perfectdraft keg that is definitely worth trying !

Beer style : Belgian Pale Ale

ABV : 8,4%

Price : 41,90£

Leffe Ruby

Fut compatible Perfectdraft Leffe Ruby
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

We are back again with the famous Leffe brewery. The Leffe Ruby beer is an equivalent of the Leffe but brewed with red fruits.

This beer is a great alternative for your perfectdraft keg if you want to have a beer with a strong sugar taste.

If you want to prepare a great cocktail for the summer you can combine this beer with a bit of lemonade and some rasperrys. Mix it all together and you will have a great beer !

Beer Style : fruity beer

ABV : 5%

Country : Belgium

Price : 33,90£

Hoegaarden Rosé

Bière Hoegardeen Rosée fut
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

We continue the fruity beers available in perfectdraft draft keg with the Hoegaarden Rosée.

The brewery Hoegaarden is a belgian brewery that was born in the village called Hoegaarden.

This brewery was created by Pierre Célis and is well known for its famous witbier.

However the Hoegaarden brewery also brews a fruity beer that is offered as a perfectdraft keg. It is with no doubt a great beer to try if you like fruity beers.

Beer style  : Fruity Beer

ABV : 3%

Price  : 31,50£

La Virgen

Bière La Virgen
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

La virgen is a spanish lager beer. It is brewed by the spanish brewery called Cervezas la Virgen.

This craft brewery is established in Madrid and you can taste their beer in their brewpub in Spain or in a Keg with your Perfectdraft dispenser !

The Virgen Lager is a very tasty and refreshing Lager.

Beer Type : Lager

ABV : 5,2%

Country : Spain

Price : 31,50£

Keg Perfectdraft Thornbridge Jaipur IPA

Fût 6 litres Jaipur Perfectdraft
Image Saveur bière

Let’s go back to the United Kingdom for the perfectdraft range offered by the Thornbridge Brewery.

Some of you might know already the Thornbridge Brewery that was born in England.

The Jaipur IPA is probably the best IPA available in perfectdrat keg !

The following hops are used in the beer: Chinook / Centennial / Ahtanum / Simcoe / Columbus / Cascade.

Beer style : India Pale Ale

ABV : 5,9%

Ratebeer : 91/100

Price: 39,90£

La Virgen 360

Cerveza Pirata Fût perfectdraft bière la virgen 360
Image Saveur bière

This is an other beer from the spanish brewery Cervezas la Virgen.

Contrary to the previous one the 360 is a pale ale with 5% ABV.

Beer style : Pale Ale

Size : 6 liters like all perfectdraft draft kegs

Leffe Ambrée 6 liter keg (perfectdraft)

BIère Leffe ambrée en fût perfectdraft
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

The Leffe brewery offers a full range of beer for the perfectdraft dispenser.

It is now time to present the amber beer Leffe.

The smell will remind orange peel and spices. The taste is slighlty fruity and caramelised.

If you like amber beer, this will be a perfect choice !

Beer style : Amber belgian beer

ABV : 34,50£

Country : Belgium

Price : 34,50

Lisa Birra del Borgo

Lisa beer perfectdract keg

Lisa is Lager beer brewed by the famous italian brewery Birra del Borgo. It is a quite hoppy beer for a Lager beer.

The hoppy taste is mixed with caramel and malty taste once you try it. This beer is the only italian beer available in the perfectdraft range.

Birra del Borgo is an italian brewery that was built in 2005 by Leonardo di Vincenzo.

Since 2005 this brewery makes craft beer nearby Rome. They have a restaurant and a beer shop in Rome.

Lisa is a delicious beer with a lot of flavours for a Lager beer.

Beer style : Lager

Country : Italy

ABV : 5%

Perfectdraft keg Hoegaarden Wit Blanche

Fut compatible tireuse à bière perfectdraft Hoegaarden blanche
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

This is probably the ultimate Witbier that you must try in your life ! The hoegaarden witbier is brewed with lemon peel, spices and coriander.

The smell reminds citrus and coriander.

The taste is refreshing thanks to the coriander and slight sourness. The after taste will remind you coriander.

Beer style : Witbier

Country : Belgium

Price : 30,90£

Stella Artois

Fut 6 litres Stella artois disponible machine à bière Perfectdraft
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

The famous lager beer Stella Artois is available as perfectdraft keg. It is a refreshing lager with herbaceous taste.

The brewery Stella Artois is a brewery that was founded by Sebastien Artois in the 18th century. As of today the brewery belong to Ab InBev.

Beer style : Lager

Country : Belgium

ABV : 5%

Price : 30,50 £


Bière Jupiler
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

An other classical belgian beer : Jupiler pils !

This is a classical pils with a refreshing taste and 5,2° ABV. The Jupiler pils was created in 1966 !

The smell is malty and reminds bread smell.

Taste is refreshing with a light bitterness.

Beer Style : Lager

Country : Belgium

ABV : 5,2%

Le prix : 31,50£

Leffe Royale Cascade

Leffe Royale cascade en fut
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

The Leffe Royale Cascade is an IPA brewed by the Leffe Brewery.

The beer is hoped with the famous american hops called cascade. If you like IPA it is a beer worth trying even if it is not our favourite IPA available in perfectdraft keg.

It is a strong beer with 7,5% ABV. The smell will reming you grapefruit and lemon.

Beer style : Belgian IPA

ABV : 7,5%

Country : Belgium

Le prix : 34,90 £

Diekirch Premium

Bière Diekirch en fut compatible Perfectdraft
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

The beer from Luxembourg called Diekirch is available in perfectdraft kegs ! It is an interesting pilsner with 4,5% ABV and a malty taste.

This is a nice pils with refreshing taste and hoppy flavour.

The Diekirch brewery is located in … Diekirch in Luxembourg ! It is one of the few brewery in Luxembourg so enjoy some beer in perfectdraft keg !

Beer style : Pilsner

ABV : 4,5%

Country : Luxembourg

Diekirch Grand Cru        

Fut machine à bière perfectdraft Diekirch Grand cru
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

The Diekirch Grand Cru is the sister of the Diekirch premium that we just presented. Diekirch Grand cru is an amber beer available in perfectdraft keg.

The taste is similar to caramel with some slight woody flavour in aftertaste.

It is a very good beer if you like amber beer and caramel taste.

Beer style : Amber beer

Country : Luxembourg

ABV : 5,1%

Price : 31,90£


Fut Lowenbrau Perfectdraft
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

The beer : Löwenbrau is a famous beer from Bavaria. This beer is served during the famous Oktoberfest in Munchen.

The Löwenbrau beer is brewed with the hop called Hallertau. The smell is herbaceous and the taste is a good balance between malty taste and bitterness.

Löwenbrau means Lion brew. The name comes from the first brewery that originated the Lowenbrau brewery and was called Zum Lowen (At the lion).

This beer is a lager beer with 5,2% ABV and one of the top lager available in perfectdraft draft keg.

Beer style : Lager

ABV : 5,2%

Country : Germany

Price : 31,90£

Hertog Jan

Fut Hertog Jan compatible pompe à bière Perfectdraft
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

A dutch pils available in perfectdraft ! One of the great thing of the perfectdraft range is the opportunity to try beer from everywhere in Europe.

This is a nice pilsner with hoppy and malty taste.

Le type de bière : Pilsner

ABV : 5,2%

Price : 31,90£

Franziskaner Weissbier

Fut Franziskaner Perfectdraft
Copyright Photo Saveur bière

If you like german witbier or weizen you probably came across the franziskaner Weissbier.

This beer is brewed with wheat and barley and is probably one of the most known german brewery.

The taste is very similar to banana and love brought by the yeast.

It is at the moment the only hefeweizen available for the perfectdraft dispenser.

Beer style : Hefeweizen

ABV : 5%

Price : 30,50£

Magic Rock Brewing Perfectdraft Keg

The beer : This is one of the last perfectdraft keg in the market ! It is a Grapefruit pale ale which is a new beer style for the perfectdraft range.

The smell and the taste remind essentielly grapefruit and orange. This beer will pair perfectly with mexican or asian food.

The brewery Magic Rock Brewing was born in Huddersfield in England. They sell awesome cans with great design and great beer inside.

If you like hoppy pale ale, you will love this beer for sure.

Country : England

ABV : 5,5%

Ratebeer : 92/100

Price : 38,90£

Goose IPA

Fut Goose IPA disponible pour tireuse à bière perfectdraft

The beer : An other IPA available in the perfectdraft range from the american brewery Goose Island.

This craft brewery was born in Chicago and is one of the craft beer leader in the US. The brewery was born in 1988 and was first a brewpub for some years before establishing a brewery.

The brewery has some taste reminding grapefruit and citrus. The bitterness is very present has an aftertaste.

A great IPA that you can discover thanks to your perfectdraft dispenser.

Beer style : India Pale Ale

Country : USA

ABV : 5,9%

Price : 34,50£


Perfectdraft Becks

The traditionnal german beer Becks is avalaible in the perfectdraft range.

The Beck’s beer is a german pilsner brewed in Bremen in the north of Germany.

It’s a very classical pils with refreshing taste of malt and hops. The taste is well balanced with a light bitterness.

One of the german beer you should try in your life !

Beer style : Pils

Country : Germany

ABV : 5%

Price : 29,90£

Leffe Rituel 9°

Leffe 9° Keg

Let’s go back to Belgium and talk again about the unmissable Leffe Brewery.

This is strong Belgian Ale with cereal taste and spicy smell.

If you like traditional strong belgian beer you’ll love the Leffe Rituel. This is a beer you can serve around 2° and pair with some great meat.

Beer style : Belgian strong ale

Country : Belgium

ABV : 9%

Price : 41,90£

Leffe Brune

Keg Leffe Brune Perfecdraft
Keg Leffe Brune

The Leffe range available for the perfectdraft dispenser is never over ! We continue our road with the famous Leffe Brune which is an other belgian strong ale similar to a porter or a stout.

The exact beer style is belgian brown ale with spicy and malty taste. You can smell flavour similar to coffee and chocolate.

A great beer to pair with your dessert.

Beer style : Brown ale

Country : Belgium

ABV : 6,5%

Price : 33,90£


Budweiser available perfectdraft keg

Budweiser is one of the most famous american beer. It’s a light and fuzzy beer with 5% ABV.

The beer was born in Saint Louis in the Missouri and founded by two germans called Anheuser and Busch.

Since then Anheuser Busch has become one of the biggest brewery in the world and belong today to the brewing giant Ab InBev.

Beer style : Lager

Country : USA

ABV : 5%

Price : 31,50£

Beck’s Gold

Perfectdraft keg Becks Gold

An other Lager beer available in perfectdraft keg from the german brewery Beck’s.

The brewery from Bremen in the north of Germany is one of the biggest german Brewery.

The Beck’s Gold is a pils beer with light taste of cereals.

Beer style : Pilsner

Country : Germany

ABV : 4,9%

Price : 30,50£


Diebels Perfectdraft

The Diebels is a german beer that is also the sponsor of the famous german football team Borussia Monchengladbach.

It’s a malty beer with 4,9% ABV. It is a fuzzy and light beer. If you smell the beer you will probably recognize some light cinnamon flavour.

It is an amber beer belonging to the style Altbier.

Beer style : Altbier

Country : Germany

ABV : 4,9%

Price : 31,50£


Perfectdraft Keg Hasseroder

Even if you might read Hafferoder in the keg, the beer is indeed called Hasseröder.

The beer is brewed in the Saxe Region in east germany. It is a traditionnal pilsner with a light bitternness and some herbal hoppy flavour.

It is a traditionnal pilsner beer that is perfect for pouring with the perfectdraft dispenser. 3° is the right temperature to serve this beer.

Beer style : Pilsner

Country : Germany

ABV : 4,9%

Price : 31,90£

Goose Midway Session IPA

Goose Session IPA perfectdraft

An other beer from the Goose Island Brewery that we presented in this article.

This is a classical Session IPA available as a perfectdraft keg. The hoppy flavour will remind you grapefruit and citrus.

Bitterness is present but lightsomething that is quite typical for Session IPA.

Beer style : Session IPA

Country : Germany

ABV : 4,1%

Price : 32,90£

Spaten perfectdraft keg

Spaten perfectdraft range

The Spaten brewery is one of the biggest brewery in Germany.

The brewery brews different type of beers like the Franziskaner, Lowenbrau and also of course the spaten pilsner.

The spaten lager is a light beer with light hoppy flavour.

Beer style : Pilsner

Country : Germany

ABV : 5,2%

Price : 31,90£

Port Bay Ale 6L

This is a pale ale that is only available in perfectdraft keg in the UK !

It is a belgium pale ale with hoppy flavour.

Beer style : Pale Ale

Country : Belgium

ABV : 5,2%

Price : 34,90£

How to change a perfectdraft keg ?

We added this part to this article to help you to change a perfectdraft keg.

The process is very easy and explained in the follozing video. The name of the video is in french but no worries you just have to follow the step of the process.


This is the end of our article about perfectdraft kegs available in the United Kingdom.

This is the full list of perfectdraft kegs available in the United Kingdom. The perfectdraft dispenser is probably one of the best beer dispenser for your home.

We will update regularly this article so that you can always have a look at the full list !

FAQ Perfectdraft keg

  1. What are the perfectdraft kegs that are available ?

    More than 40 different kegs are available in the perfectdraft range.
    Some examples :
    – Franziskaner
    – Goose
    – Thornbridge
    – …
    Have a look at our article for the full list !

  2. How does the deposit work for perfectdraft keg ?

    The process is very simple but can vary between the different website. However in general you just have to send back the perfectdraft keg to get back the 5£ deposit.

  3. Where can I buy Perfectdraft Dispenser if I live in the UK ?

    Beerhawk website offers the most option for perfectdraft keg. Otherwise Amazon also offers some options